The RKU Athletics experience is better than anything you’ll experience at a global gym – because we are not just a “gym”. We are a community and a lifestyle, formed to improve the lives of all our members in a safe and encouraging environment. You won’t find coaches at a global gym tailoring all your workouts to your abilities, nor will you find an entire staff certified in CPR, and certified in first-aid. Our advanced coaches, in addition to the fundamental certification, are certified in powerlifting and olympic weightlifting, gymnastics, and in the proper use of kettlebell movements. The company you’ll keep at RKU Athletics is comprised of some of the most upstanding members of the community – our members are firefighters, policemen, paramedics, and business people. Regardless, each person at RKU Athletics has a common goal; developing outstanding athletic ability.

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RKU Athletics, El Paso TX Gym

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RKU Athletics offers Functional Range Conditioning (FRC) certified trainers.

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