Marco Hernandez, Head Coach

Marco Hernandez, Head Coach

About five years ago, my fellow firefighters introduced me to my first cross-training workout. We wanted to begin a training regimen that would not only prepare us for the line of duty, but would also prepare us for the “Scott Firefighter Combat Challenge“. The combat challenge is a firefighter sport that we participated in at the time – ever since that butt-kicking I’ve been in love with the cross-training methodology. A few months later I became certified as a coach, sold my truck, and used the money to buy some equipment and two weeks later I had my first workout in my garage. A couple of weeks passed and my home gym had turned into a business; within a year we had moved out of my garage (and thanks to my cousin) into a small, 1,000 square foot warehouse. I’d assume that my commitment and passion for seeing others succeed is what brought people into my gym. In what seems like the blink of an eye – four years later I find myself in a 6,500 square foot facility with a group of friends that believed in me and trusted me with their goals. Now we offer two locations to serve our members in addition to providing cross-training, Powerlifting, Olympic Weightlifting and personal training programs to suit anyone.  My love for health and fitness has led me here and I am forever grateful for my friends and the members of RKU Athletics – their success is my true passion – I can’t tell you how much I love to hear about members meeting goals, setting new personal records, and hearing about how much better they look and feel. I won’t ever be able to say it enough – the RKU family keeps my fire burning.

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dividerAbraham Ayala - Strength Development Coach

Abraham Ayala, Strength Development Coach

I am a competitive powerlifter in the 198 pound class and a Texas State record holder holding a TOP 20 ranking nationally. My experience, knowledge and passion for helping and educating others is what pushes me to be the best strength development coach I can be and to assist others in becoming stronger and better versions of themselves. These are just of the reasons why I choose to coach at one of the best boxes in El Paso.


Nicholas Gandara, Strength and Conditioning Coach

Nicholas Gandara, Strength & Conditioning Coach

I am a strength and conditioning coach here at RKU Athletics and have been on the coaching staff at RKU and certified since May 2011. I’ve attended many seminars with cross-training legends like Josh Everett and Carl Paoli – as well as California Strength seminars. I take pride in sharing my knowledge and my passion for fitness and cross-training with each of our members at RKU Athletics.


Isaac Romero, Strength and Development Coach

Isaac Romero, Strength & Conditioning Coach

I am a Level 1 Strength and Conditioning Coach at RKU Athletics. I began practicing the cross-training methodology in late 2010 and quickly developed a passion for working out and coaching as well as helping others succeed and pushing them to acheive their goals. I’ve attended several seminars and have been credentialed in Level 1 cross-training, Gymnastics with Carl Paoli, Olympic Weightlifting, and California Strength.


Lorenzo Aguilera, Strength and Conditioning Coach

Lorenzo Aguilera,  Strength & Conditioning Coach

I’m one of RKU Athletics’s expert strength and conditioning coaches, I began my training in early 2011, and eventually went on to become a Level 1 certified trainer in April 2013. I’ve attended California Strength seminars, I’ve competed in multiple cross-training competitions, and I’m well-versed in cross-training powerlifting. I’m currently in the process of attaining my USA Weightlifting Level 1 Sports Performance Certification.


Nivia Trinta, Strength and Development Coach

Nivia Trinta, Strength & Conditioning Coach

I am a United States Army veteran with a passion for helping others achieve their goals for living a healthy lifestyle. I became Level 1 certified in August of 2012 and have been a coach at RKU Athletics ever since. I am also a USA Weightlifting Level 1 Sports Performance coach with attendance in gymnastics seminars by Carl Paoli. I love seeing people reach their goals and I take pride in motivating others.


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