So you find yourself asking questions - maybe you're curious if RKU Athletics is the right fit for you, maybe you're concerned that you're not in good enough shape to fit in at RKU Athletics. Perhaps you're worried that you won't fit in because you don't know anything about fitness - we've got one thing to say; you're wrong.

While we try to provide the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions, we'll always urge you to schedule your free introduction to RKU Athletics because no matter what you'll read here or anywhere, the best answers always come through experience!

FAQ 1 | What is an intro class like?
An intro class covers the basic, fundamental movements of the RKU Athletics program - introducing the member to the intensity and "feel" of the RKU Athletics workout.

FAQ 2 | What if I'm not able to a squat or perform some other exercise?
All of the coaches at RKU Athletics are certified in our workout programs to teach beginners and experts alike, and will assist in any scaling necessary to master to the movements.

FAQ 3 | What if I can't do a push-up or a pull-up?
All of the coaches at RKU Athletics are readily able to assist all members in progressive movements with the aid of resistance bands or altered exercises for the novice athlete.

FAQ 4 | What kind of modifications do you make for people who can't do the prescribed exercises?
All workouts, movements, and exercises will be tailored by your classes' coach to your individual ability to reduce soreness and encourage completion of the scheduled activity.

FAQ 5 | Will I lose weight at RKU Athletics?
The foundation of any good fitness program is a healthy diet and proper nutrition, while the RKU Athletics program will likely reduce your body fat percentage, weight loss cannot be guaranteed. If your goal is to increase muscle mass and reduce fat, with the correct nutrition plan; weight loss goals will likely be achieved. Talk to any RKU Athletics coach today for more information regarding your personal goals.

FAQ 6 | How sore do beginners get?
Each individual will experience a different level of soreness depending on their own athletic ability and dietary habits. While some soreness is expected, it shouldn't impact your day to day activities - your RKU Athletics coach will scale and tailor your experience to fit you and your ability.

FAQ 7 | How long does it take to see results?
Energy levels and mood will usually improve within your first week at RKU Athletics. Clothes will soon begin to fit better and you will likely see a reduction in water retention. Physical changes usually take longer to visualize depending on your individual body composition, athletic ability, and nutritional habits.

FAQ 8 | What kind of shape should I be in to begin the RKU Athletics program?
The RKU Athletics experience is open to individuals of all athletic intensities. If you've never played sports, participated in a regularly scheduled workout program, and been concerned with fitness: the RKU program can be fitted to your specific capacity, regardless of athletic proficiency.

FAQ 9 | What kind of personalities, age groups, or athletic propensities will I encounter in an RKU class?
Classes at RKU Athletics are not segregated in any way - you'll meet and make friends with people from all corners of the fitness-world; from fellow first-dayers, to those who have been athletes for years. Athletes come in all shapes and sizes; members range from 15 years old to almost 70 years of age - with each following a fitness program tailored to their ability.